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We appreciate that modern life is demanding, so attending a static presentation may not be an option for you. Therefore, this online consultation portal has been designed to ensure that you can have your say on a forthcoming planning application in your own time and from the comfort of your home. Being local – if you require further information we are always available to talk on the phone or even visit you at your home.

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Achieving appropriate development can be challenging, but as a local company with local values we have learnt that a transparent and open consultation provides the best results.

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Little Springfield Farm

Little Springfield Farm

The Brownfield Farm site. Please find our proposals for Little Springfield Farm here. We hope you find the website easy to navigate.

About us

Domusea was formed in 2013. However, we have been building and constructing houses in Chichester since 2002. We work with local architects and builders to ensure the best possible product focusing on sites ranging from 5-50 units. These sites are often too small for national developers and sometimes require a higher level of community engagement. It is this kind of process that Domusea specialises in.